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The Plant-Based Meat Company

It is Plant-Based!

About Us

Meat Avatar is the leader of the innovative Plant-Based Meat products from Thailand.

We are committed to develop Plant-Based Meat products as an alternative for people who are concerned about their health and environment to consume more vegetables and less meat.

‘Plant-Based Meat’, the future meat without meat.  The latest trend which is more than just eating vegetable for health, but giving you a chance to save the world!

News & Update

Meat Avatar แบรนด์ที่อยากให้คนไทยได้กินเนื้อจำแลงจากพืชผักในราคาไม่แพง

Meat Avatar เปิดตลาด เนื้อทดแทนเนื้อสัตว์ Plant-Based Meat เทรนด์ “อาหารแห่งอนาคต”

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เปิดตัว แบรนด์ Meat Avatr “เนื้อจำแลง ทดแทนเนื้อสัตว์” ในงาน Food & Hotel Thailand 2019

Our Menu

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

We Carefully select the high quality ingredients for our plant-based meat. We would like to ensure that our plant-based will have the characteristics as close as the real meat as possible in term of taste, texture, scent and nutritions.

Crispy Pork Avatar

Traditional Asian's pork belly that cooked until crispy.


Mince Avatar

The most popular ingredient for all dishes.


Fried Egg Avatar

Sunny side up fried egg with well done yolk.


Eat Smart | Save Planet

Mid-Week Means

Wednesday Shine!

🐖 Less meat consumption, 🌎a better way to save the world.

Most of you may not know that the food we eat today is some ways relating to the global warming. This is because livestock industry creates about 14.5% greenhouse gas - as much as transportation sectors for the whole region! Also, it takes 1/3 from agricultural area for animals cultivation (information from UNFAO). When the needs for Meat increases, the space for animal food cultivation also rises. This affects on deforestation and we all know that it’s harmful to the world.

Team Members!

"Sales & Distributions"

- Wiphu L.

"Sustainable Development"

- Warut J.

"Marketing & Public Relations"

- Pawinee S.

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